Make your voice against our overlords heard!

tiger towers

Rozelle Village are our landlords, and is the private development company that want to demolish most of the block to redevelop the former Tigers football club site (the building next door to us).

impermanent overhead

See those houses on the map outside the red line? Rozelle Village spent a good deal of effort trying to force those people to sell their houses, residents have told me, presumably to allow for an even bigger construction. Luckily for the neighbourhood, they stood their ground.

Check out the Save Rozelle website for more info and a simple 3-step process to submit your opinion to the state government

What’s happening? There are 10 days or so left to make comments and submissions to the state government on the RV proposed mega-development, the latest in successive versions of the project, all knocked back so far. The proposed building is still twice the size of the proposal rejected by the JRPP in Jul 2010, It has two towers, 27 and 25 storeys in actual total, which includes a 2-3 storey podium, with total height 122m, now just two metres below the flight path limit. It has little provision for the extra-extra traffic, human and automobile, that will follow. It has a mall-like design in a neighbourhood already full of lovely shops. It has limited space for the leagues club to return, but not enough to include the community facilities usually associated with a community club.

I should point out that our presence in the last few years would not have been possible if this whole process wasn’t underway. Our relationship with Rozelle Village has been pleasantly detached: we pay our rent, they don’t bother us and we don’t bother them. We’re thankful for the opportunity to build this little space in the between-time (that’s why we’re calle Impermanent), but the ultimate result of the development should be something the community can appreciate, not abhor.

A few tips: The name ‘Rozelle Village’ sounds cute and quaint but this an investment tool for some wealthy individuals and companies who have nothing to do with Rozelle. And their proposal has little to do with what you or I would associate with ‘village’.

Also important: Rozelle Village and the Balmain Tigers Leagues club are financially seperate entitites: Tigers sold the site to RV with the understanding that they would be allowed back on the site as a part of the new development. There are no guarantees, no contract, and it was a cheap way for the club to get out of an aging building. Balmain Tigers Club doesn’t have a guaranteed home – it will be a commercial tenant in the development and must pay its way. The club area is far less than the original Club footprint, and reduced a further 20% from the Jul 2010 proposal. The club area is 50% gaming and 50% bar/dining – no space for Club’s community activities.

Forming planning minister Frank Sartor has admitted the Eddie Obeid called him to lobby for the redevelopment, which suggests grubby motives, given the royal comission underway involving the Obeids. Also, parent of one my former students, Mark Wallis said, “We also found out… that the developers, Rozelle Village, have put out a tender calling for builders, even though the development hasn’t been approved. Perhaps they know something we don’t.” (Read more: at the Sydney Morning Herald)

check out the Save Rozelle website for more info and a simple 3-step process to submit your opinion to the state government

Canberra’s Jazz at the Loft launches for profile – Sunday Nov 25

Alex RaupachDown in Canberra, Alex Raupach, Andy Butler and Luke Sweeting have been running a great little venue above a doctor’s surgery for the past 2 years, in a fairly relaxed, underground/wharehouse kind of fashion. This year, to raise the profile of the venue and lineup amongst the GP (general public, not the doctors) and the profile of creative jazz in Canberra in general, they’ve decided to launch the 2013 program with pomp and circumstance.

The Jazz at the Loft 2013 concert series launch is at Teatro Vivaldi, ANU Arts Centre, Sunday 25th November at 3.30pm. Tickets $15/$10 at the door.

“There will be a performance by an octet made up of organisers and friends of the Loft: Raupach on trumpet, Matt Handel on alto sax, ANU lecturer John Mackey on tenor sax, Tom Fell on baritone sax, Jack Palmer on guitar, Luke Sweeting on piano, Max Alduca on bass and Luke Keenan-Brown on drums.”

Going forward there’s a great lineup of pianists leading groups at the original loft venue, including Marc Hannaford, Tom Vincent, Alister Spence, and Steve Barry.

Read more:

video: Aaron Michael band, Down & Up

At a certain point we collected too many videos at Impermanent to handle properly, so this vid is from a little while ago. Now is a good time to bring it out of the vault though, because Aaron has been working the band up these past few years and has since recorded an album to be launched in Sydney this month:

Aaron Michael Album Launch
Fri Nov 16, 8pm
Blue Beat, Double Bay NSW
tickets here

Aaron has been working steadily in Sydney for well over a decade, with plenty of big pop and funk names, he has formidable jazz chops too:

Sydney’s Tim Stocker returns from NYC, live at Impernanent


Tim Stocker will return to Sydney for a single show at Studio Impermanent on Wednesday August 29th at 8pm.

Tim moved to New York in 2010 with the intention of making the Baritone Saxophone his primary instrument and now performs with a variety of artists and ensembles. He plays regularly with Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat (Guitarist with Fela Kuti), Valery Ponomarev (Jazz Messengers), Afroskull (Ronnie Cuber was featured artist on their recording), Matt Lavelle and the 12 Houses (Improvisors collective) and debuted his quartet which featured Mike Moreno on Guitar. He has also performed/recorded with TV on the Radio, Architecture in Helsinki, The Beautiful Girls, Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, OTiS (Brooklyn), The Hipstones (Sydney Soul/Funk band now based in NYC), Ben Walsh and many more.

Come down to hear two sets of original music with the rhythm section of Paul Derricott (Drums), Carl Morgan (Guitar) and Ben Waples (Bass).


“Tim Stocker sat in on baritone sax and played beautifully, sometimes sounding like a harder version of Gerry Mulligan. The large instrument sounded magnificent, round
and darkly rolling, in the room.”
Excerpt from ‘A Discontinuous Diary’ by John Clare.

Tim will also be conducting a workshop at the Murray Conservatorium in Albury on Saturday August 25th. Please contact 02 6041 4249 for more information.